gay solar eclipse glasses aug 21st

ALERT: Gays Invent Photon-Bending Solar Eclipse Glasses To Convert Straight Men Into Homosexuality

Gays have pooled their vast resources and mastery of physics to unleash a plan that will convert many straight-family men into into homosexuality during the August, 21st solar eclipse. The Christian Defense League of Texas reports that gays have found a way to harness light energy to cause homosexuality to...

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Bloodwork Reveals President Obama has Midichlorian Count of 20,000

Sources within the Obama Administration report that recent bloodwork shows President Obama has a midi-chlorian count of over 20,000. While the field of Midi-chlorian genetics is a hotbed topic in the scientific community, historians and religious scholars are deeply troubled by the report that comes from within the Obama Administration....

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Ben Carson: ‘I Once Performed Neurosurgery And Cured A Man of Homosexuality’

Republican presidential hopeful Ben Carson revealed that after performing a complex brain operation on a man, he cured him of homosexuality. “When the anesthesia wore off and his emotional ‘partner’ came into the post-procedure room and tried to kiss him, the patient reportedly balked and pushed him away.  The nurse...

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Trend: Suburban Moms Injecting Hormones to Make Pumpkin Spice Breastmilk For Their Babies

Lloyd Harbor, New York – (LDN) Trends in liberal culture keep growing more ridiculous. Suburban mothers are now injecting hormones so that their bodies produce breastmilk that is flavored with pumpkin spice protein. Reports coming from a New York suburb confirm new-age mothers are wanting their babies to ‘partake’ in...

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