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Russian Cosmonauts Building Giant Moon Base With Giant Rocket to Destroy America

Not even a full day after the death of Fidel Castro, Russia has taken great strides to start a new missile crisis by building a moon base where reports confirm giant rockets are being employed in efforts to destroy America and freedom.

russian-cosmonauts-moon-base With Fidel Castro gone, Russia lost a major ally who would always be willing to work with liberals to undermine American authority and Christianity in the Western hemisphere.

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Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin of Russia reported, ‘On instructions from the president, which is being finalised technically, we are launching a super-heavy space rocket project, with quite different payload capabilities.’

The Daily Mail unearthed footage of the Russian rocket in transport:

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To date the United States is without capability of sending astronauts into space to contest Russia’s new military moon base after NASA’s space shuttle fleet was shuttered by Congress.

Some political analysts believe while Russia will develop space weapons to defend their new lunar base, the primary motivation for Russia’s colonization of the moon has to do with H-3, an energy alternative of which one shipment can power a major city for a year.

With control of all the moon’s H-3, Russia would easily become the most powerful financial force on the planet, with the Russian ruble quickly destroying the US dollar and oil-economy.

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