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Gays Create New World Headquarters, Plan to Petition UN To Establish New Nation State

New reports indicate the gay community has opened a new worldwide headquarters for homosexuality. Their appetite for dominating the straight community no longer satiated by grass roots efforts, gays have started the process to bring their lifestyle to the political world by establishing a new nation whose primary law is ‘Homosexuality’.  From this headquarters, gays will purportedly organize several divisions focused on science, technology, weaponry, business enterprise and politics.   Manchester, England.

Gays have pooled their financial empires, scientific mastery and tedious planning traits to open a new global headquarters in Manchester, England.  Its construction hidden behind media coverage laser focused on royal weddings, the sprawling 900,000 square foot structure boasts ‘GAY HEADQUARTERS’ on its sidewall and is being laid with rainbow coloration.

The building is the latest step gays have taken to establish themselves as an official political organization seeking rights to create its own nation.  Anonymous sources reveal that gays have secretly met with UN officials and seek to establish a nation that is close to the size of the Vatican.

Further details reveal that the new GAY HEADQUARTERS will organize and focus business endeavors on science and technological development, specifically robotics, physics, chemistry, bioengineering and jet propulsion.   A leaked memo also shows gay master scientists signing contracts to work on ‘advanced weapons system’, leaving many to speculate that a new gay nation may be ‘scientifically advanced, militarily hostile and organized and bent on establishing homosexuality as a worldwide norm’.

Several officials from the moral watchdog Straight Alliance of the Americas claims a leaked dossier shows gays are actively drawing up war strategy and plans.  As a member of the UN, gays would seek an addendum to the Geneva Accords that mandates all member nations must accept homosexuality in all ways and forms.  Any nation that did not agree to this would be subject to sanction or hostile military action,

Further information in the dossier gives mention that gays have already developed advanced shielding and cloaking technologies, along with new weaponry and delivery systems 300 years advanced to anything that exists on Earth.  These technologies would likely be used to harshly punish or ‘even break the will of any nation that fought against homosexuality’.

Moral media networks will continue to monitor and look for evidence of gays testing out these new technologies and obtaining large swaths of land.  There is strong evidence that outside of the England headquarters, gays are seeking to establish their permanent nation in Eastern Africa.


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