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If Super Bowl Halftime Nipplies Are So Bad, Then Why Was Adam Levine Allowed To Do This?

The gay agenda was on full display in last night’s Super Bowl game. The chisel chinned Tom Brady defeated the liberal Los Angeles Rams as expected, but the bigger story was that at halftime millions of innocent men were not only forced to sit through a Maroon 5 concert, but then double assaulted with a planned wardrobe malfunction.

Christian moles within the gay community uncovered a high-end conspiracy to use the Super Bowl halftime show to convert testoerone fueled football loving dads into gay converts via the unexpected appearance of Adam Levine’s nipples.

Then right after the confusing second half of the Super Bowl reached its climax, who appears but Rupaul in a red seduction suit as a judge watching acts of suggestive sword swallomin and Cirque de Soleil acrobatics.

With over 20 million viewers, the Super Bowl may be this year’s largest and succesful gay recruitment effort. The Christian Defense League of Texas is still collecting data on how many men were affected.

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