An artist's rendition of the dangers of using improper eyewear for the eclipse.

Faulty Eclipse Glasses An Act Of Sabotage

A recent statement from a source within the offices of the Federal Trade Commission has garnered growing public interest. The FTC agent, who wishes to remain anonymous, let slip new information regarding the shipments of counterfeit eclipse glasses that made their way to American consumers this month. Many who bought...

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obama flying magic carpet

Photograph Shows Obama Flying Magic Carpet While Wearing Terror Clothing

Obama’s history and penchant for collecting ancient relics to make himself more powerful is well documented in the media community. Today staffers with the Trump campaign released a new image that purports to show President Barack Obama, in his younger days, wearing what’s described as a ‘terrorist’s outfit’ as he...

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Democrats Gain Support to Rename Washington, DC to Obama, DC

Congressional democrats are currently campaigning in their locales to change the name of Washington, DC to Obama, DC. After weeks of intense lobbying from BlackLivesMatter protestors, several powerful Democratic senators and house democrats are funding ‘grassroots’ precinct petition campaigns to gather enough support to remove the name Washington, DC, from...

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Confirmed: Batman Is A Homosexual

It is a remarkable dichotomy. In many ways, Batman is the most Christian of us all. Then…he shoots from the Batcave in an expensive foreign car, donning skin-tight black leathers as he leads the stocking-clad Robin into the midnight streets of Gotham to engage in exhausting muscle-bound masochism with dangerously costumed fetishists,...

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