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Liberals Evolve A Chimp With Photographic Memory

Liberals have spliced the DNA of a human being into the chimp genome and recorded the results. ¬†The video below captures a chimp with blatant displays of photographic memory that far exceeds the abilities of most humans. ¬†Evolution is a belief system that purports the origin of all life on Earth started with a random ‘Big Bang’ from nothingness that eventually gave rise to chemical reactions that ‘magically’ took on the properties of life and eventually monkeys evolved into humans.

While the theory of evolution is bizarre in-and-of itself, one cannot argue that morally-questionable scientists are able to manipulate genes and cause animals to exceed their natural ability as the video below proves.

This chimp has a photographic memory.As if I didn’t feel dumb enough today already! – John Sutherland

Posted by Hot FM Mackay on Thursday, December 25, 2014

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