beluga whales sea world

Genetically Engineered Beluga Whales Are Attacking Christian Families with Homosexual Chemtrail Water at Seaworld

The genetically engineered beluga whale is showing all the classic hallmarks of homosexuality:   rippling abs that shamelessly glisten in the waters beneath the summer sun, a healthy rose hue of the skin and a unnerving desire to expose Christian families to homosexuality. The disturbing image from Seaworld in Texas...

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gay drone

Gay Drones Carrying Malware to Infect Straight Male Computers with Gay Websites

Gays are using internet technology to launch their latest assault on the traditional American family, particularly fathers of nuclear families. Sources indicate that gays are involved with a new sort of ‘hacking drone’ technology. The technology works vis-a-vis drones flying overhead neighborhoods where they find weakly encrypted WiFi networks, which...

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Gay Computer Wizards Hack, Threaten to Reveal Millions of Cheaters to Destroy Heterosexual Marriages

The gay agenda to destroy heterosexual marriages in America has won another major victory. was the first to report that cheating super-site — where over 37 million cheaters have signed up and registered to have an affair — has been compromised. Early Monday morning, communiques from known gay...

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Octopus Shows Ability to Use Coconuts As Tools, Almost Causes Scientist to Drown from Laughter

In a video that is actually important to science, an octopus is seen comically carrying two halves of a coconut. Lumbering along the octopus does look like its performing a bit of slap-stick comedy, awkwardly carrying its coconuts in a Cosmo Kramer-esque fashion, yet scientists indicate this video is a...

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