donald trump homo naledi

Scientists Discover Homo naledi, Donald Trump’s Ancient Ancestor

Scientists have discovered a new species of human ancestor — Homo naledi — that show both phenotypic and genotypic relationship to Donald Trump. An all-female group of researchers discovered over 1,500 separate bones that have reconstructed to show the distinctive Homo naledi.  Though H. naledi has a smaller brain than H....

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Shi Liliang, 33, a monk from Southern Shaolin Temple, performs a special Chinese martial art stunt, known in Chinese as Shuishangpiao or "running on water", at a reservoir on the outskirts of Quanzhou, Fujian province, October 22, 2009. Shi ran on the surface of a row of 1-centimetre-thick (0.39 inch) plywoods for 18 metres (59 feet), breaking his own record of 15 metres (49 feet) created several days ago, local media reported. Picture taken October 22, 2009. REUTERS/Stringer (CHINA SOCIETY ODDLY RELIGION) CHINA OUT. NO COMMERCIAL OR EDITORIAL SALES IN CHINA - RTXPX4Y

Chinese Scientists Clone Jesus, Prepare To Unleash Him on Western Civilization

New footage circulating social media confirms that China has managed to clone Jesus and is preparing to unleash their genetically engineered ‘super-savior’ upon Western Civilization. In 2012, Mitt Romney warned everyone of China’s mission to destroy Jesus, America’s business and reign in a future communist utopia. We see China has...

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Netflix Announces Employees Get Unlimited Maternity or Paternity Leave First Year After Baby’s Birth

Netflix proves its innovation once again by announcing all its employees are eligible for unlimited maternity or paternity leave for the first full year of a newborn’s life. The announcement by Netflix is surely a major benefit to those seeking to balance a career and a family. Netflix is already...

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gays invent 'cure' for heterosexuality

Gays Are Lacing Vaccines with Homosexual Chemtrails to ‘Cure’ Heterosexuality

Powerful gays embedded in the pharmaceutical industry have collaborated with Barack Obama to destroy heterosexuality once and for all.  It looks like the whistleblowers in the anti-vaccination movement had it right all along. The systemic extermination of heterosexual desire will begin next week, as students nationwide will have to get...

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