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Swarms of Flying Homosexual Chemtrail Fire Ants Are Coming For England

The World Heath Organization has put England on high alert as swarms of genetically engineered fire ants have been seen swarming the countryside in quick approach to London.   The ants have been laced with chemical homosexuality via a modified homosexual chemtrail containing liquid sweat from gay men.

flying homosexual chemtrail fireants

The F1 hybrids from Obama’s Jade Helm homosexual chemtrail fire ants that have been biting Christians in Texas have made their way to England and are swarming from Sheffeld to London, descending on Christian towns and seeking the flesh of straight males. Once bitten, the CDC estimates one’s innate desires of homosexuality will grow to at least secretive or agnostic levels.

These mutated ants are thought to be the first filial (F1 hybrid) generation offspring of the the fire ants Obama deployed in Texas to bite Christians and turn them to homosexuality, a part of the Jade Helm invasion.

A likely unforeseen consequence of putting raw homosexual endorphins into the parental generation of the fire ants was that it gave the ants genetic diversity at a rate even higher than Drosophila melanogaster, the common fruit fly. The flying homosexual chemtrail fire ant purportedly shows all the classic signs of homosexuality:  an insatiable appetite for straight men, ravenously snapping its jaws and becoming agitated when a non-gay man’s flesh is in prox restless and its sleek body fueled by an eccentric cocktail of lurid chemical drugs.

The flying homosexual chemtrail hybrid ants crave to bite and be inside Christian men so much that there are numerous reports of men getting choked up as the ants fly into their mouth and nose.

The ant’s brightly colored abdominal area seems to also become ‘aroused’ around non-gay men, as it rises into the air as if under some sort of autonomic coital process beyond its control whenever it gets closer to biting a Christian.   The outer husk of these new ants are black, helping them conceal their approach, and they swarm like gaggles of gays trying to get into an exclusive WeHo bender on a late Saturday night.

The Christian Defense League of Texas is warning all Anglo-Protestant and Reformed Christian churches of England to beware and defend themselves, for these ants are responsible for at least 200 cases of new onset homosexuality in Texas in less than one week. Many fear that one of the ants may also reach Prince William, who if bitten would possibly leave his family and become an advocate for homosexuality, which would be a major blow to England’s royal ancestral lines and adherence to societal morality.  Sources believe the ants are a part of Obama’s Jade Helm efforts to cause societal unrest via homosexuality, which will let him build up a new Western government in his own image.

It is unclear if the ants were secretly unleashed or traveled from the Gulf of Mexico through the Atlantic gulf stream to reach England, but reports of these ants attacking straight males are growing at an hourly rate.

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