Obama Is Infecting Texans With Ebola Coli To Destroy Jesus and Start A New Kingdom of Liberal Darkness

Corpus Christi, Texas Officials in Texas confirm reports from Religious Freedom Fighters that Obama is using a modified strain of Ebola coli (E. coli) to infect Christians in the city of Corpus Christi so that he may weaken them physically and spiritually, then take over the city and use it as a crown jewel in his new kingdom of liberal darkness.


Barack Obama stares at the new EBOLA-coli virus, created to infect the DNA of Christians and to destroy Jesus, so that a New Age of Liberal Darkness can rise in America.

Corpus Christi literally means ‘The Body of Christ’, so it is no surprise that Obama is unleashing one of his most brutal attacks against a city known for its religious fervor.  This is all part of Obama’s Jade Helm invasion.

Only days before Obama is to return to his birthplace of Kenya, it is very odd that officials are confirming evidence of Obama’s microbiological warfare against Christians.

The timing of the event likely has ties to Illuminati pyramid rituals that seem to typify the type of dramatic actions associated with Obama, seen in Africa as a modern-day pharaoh god-king who is destined to create a new ‘Ebony Kingdom of Kush (Darkness)’.


[adinserter block=”3″]Barack Obama has used genetics to manufacture the most powerful virus in the history of mankind.  The E coli virus is an evolved water form of basic EBOLA, a deadly virus that causes the body to bleed to death in a week.



Do no forget, the B.O. in Ebola stands for Barack Obama.  The rest of the acronym has been up for debate in the news media community.

The new Ebola virus is a control mechanism designed to destroy Christianity in America once and for all.

The virus is easily spread and all of the illegals who have just so suddenly been allowed to come into America, you may ask why is this happening?  They are all carriers of the virus.  They have the cure already in their bloodstream, but they are contagious.  These illegals are the source of the spread and just you watch, in about 30 days the first cases of Ebola will start infecting Americans.

But the government already has the cure.  So what is the problem?

The problem is that Obama controls the cure.  He hired Kathleen Sebelius to create a ‘cover organization’, Obamacare, so he could pour all of the money into research of this super-virus.

After the virus starts to infect all Americans, only those who agree to support Obama, do not use their right to free speech to call him a horrible non-American ‘president’, and who sign up for Obamcare will be able to get the cure.  The cure will slip into your bloodstream an RDIF chip that is marked with ancient symbology which ties into Biblical prophesy.  This could be seen as the Mark of the Beast.


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  1. Reply
    Buddy Williams says

    Read the USA Today article, Obama is wanting to start a Ebola SWAT team if there is a minute inkling of an Ebola symptom to contain it and save many lives… President Barack Obama is a very wise man….

  2. Reply
    Cris says

    E. coli stands for Eschericia coli which is a bacteria. Ebola is a virus. Whoever wrote this is not only crazy, but misinformed.

    • Reply
      Margaret says

      Well said! I was thinking the same thing and you beat me to it. 🙂

      • Reply
        George says

        I think this is tire… I HOPE it’s stire

    • Reply
      Thomas Whitten MD says

      You’ve got your facts right, Cris, but I think you totally missed the satire. The shame is that some people will actually believe any of this hogwash, and we all know it’s easier to fool a man than to convince him he’s been fooled.

      • Reply
        John Whiting says

        That is the real problem with satire these days: it’s almost impossible to come up with some over-the-top joke that doesn’t closely resemble what some people are actually saying and believing . . .

        • Reply
          George says


      • Reply
        Autumn Grove says

        You are right Thomas Whitten. It is satire and it is so over the top that no one should believe it. A lot of people think the articles in The Duffle Blog are real akso.

    • Reply
      conradg says

      OMG, it’s worse than we thought!

    • Reply
      dj says

      I think the author knows that…it is a joke….like The Onion.

    • Reply
      dj says

      Read what it says under “Liberal Darkness”…this is a fake article written to make fun of the absurd things said about the President. It’s also probably where Fox News does their research!

    • Reply
      Matt H says

      Don’t any of you know satire when you see it?

    • Reply
      J D Smith says

      Cris is absolutely correct, I worked in microbiology several years, I got a good laugh out of this stupid story other wise a waste of time.

  3. Reply
    Herpa Derp says

    Holy crikey people! I know this was gonna happen! The Moslam anti christ wants to destroy us all! Why you think he gone to Kanya but to find the best virus to bring back and take over the country with!

    • Reply
      Margaret says

      Holy Crikey, grow up!

    • Reply
      Jimmini says

      Where is Kanya?

      • Reply
        Will says

        Kanya is between Wontcha and Dontcha. These countries were secretly created during W’s Presidentcy as safe havens for ultra secret CIA prisons. They do not appear on any known maps.

  4. Reply
    Daniel Guillot says

    The ‘World Is Literally About To Blow Up,,, sure it is,,, and Romney will win in a landslide,, Obamacare will be repealed,,Obama will be a one term president, You can’t enforce a minmum wage or industry will collapse…You can’t permit interracial marriage or society will collapse…You can’t end segregation or society will collapse…You can’t grant minorities equal rights or society will collapse…You can’t regulate pollution or industry will collapse…
    You can’t raise the debt ceiling or the economy will collapse…You can’t legalize gay marriage or society will collapse…HEY REPUBLICANS DON’T LOOK NOW, BUT YOUR TRACK RECORD AT PREDICTING SSSSUCKS,,,, ACA will fail- just like Benghazi will bring down the president, just like fast and furious will bring down the president, just like having too many czars will bring down the president”
    Don’ t you GOPers ever get tired of being sooooooo wrong ?

    • Reply
      Margaret says

      Well said!

  5. Reply
    Craig says

    Some folks just do not get satire. This was freaking hilarious, kudos to the author😊

  6. Reply
    titus kammeyer says


  7. Reply
    Zaidi says

    If you read some of comments, it’s evident that those believing in this crap are, for the most part, illiterate and ignorant. Ignorance breeds fear, and fear breeds hate. When you’re ignorant and illiterate, you are easily misinformed, and will believe anything that feeds your hate.

    • Reply
      reggie says

      Thanks Zaidi. I was thinking there are no americans with an IQ above 85.

  8. Reply
    LMAO says

    What a feckin load of racism insane shite.

  9. Reply
    reggie says

    are you all retarded or FOR REAL believe this is a TRUE FACT?

  10. Reply
    Will says

    Well, it is Texas, and apparently there are at least some people there who really believe Jade Helm is some sort of a pretext for a takeover. There are so many crazy things being said (and worse yet, done), that even normally sane people start to wonder what the truth is. Of course since intelligent people should know that Ebola Coli does not exist (oh, wait, I guess the Feds spliced Ebola virus into E. Coli bacteria), the true intent of the story should be obvious.

  11. Reply
    Marianne says

    You folk will fall for anything…. Its called sarcasm… The rest oc the world is familiar with it. Clearly this author is too. Try it sometime. You might actually learn to ‘chuckle’ again. And if that’s contagious, then so be it :0)

    • Reply
      Sheryl Simpson says

      Actually, it’s called satire…

      • Reply
        Margaret says

        Right spot on. And, satire is based on sarcasm.

  12. Reply
    sharon says

    There are so many whackos out there sometimes it is difficult to tell if it is satire or someone actually is a serious nutjob.

    • Reply
      Margaret says

      spot on!

  13. Reply
    Carolyn carolyn says

    the whole world is going crazy except you and me, and I’m not so sure about you !

  14. Reply
    Amy says

    You missed the boat on this one. The way to go was to say that Obama had slipped Texans Ebola e. coli through Blue Bell ice cream. Dang it! First no Blue Bell ice cream, and NOW no Christianity either? WTH!?!

  15. Reply
    Amy says

    You missed the boat on this one. The way to go was to say that Obama had slipped Texans Ebola e. coli through Blue Bell ice cream. Dang it! First no Blue Bell ice cream, and NOW no Christianity either? WTH!?!

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