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Hillary Clinton Spotted Doing Illuminati Witch Ritual Above Skies of DC

While Hillary Clinton’s vampire abilities and weakness are well documented in the moral media community, not much has been physically documented about her alleged power of witchcraft and the occult.

But now, days after another deadly hurricane comes sweeping into the US and Brett Kavanaugh met the people’s will by ascending to his moral throne on the Supreme Court, locals in DC captured footage of Hillary Clinton menacing the skies of the nation’s capital.

Families pointed and fled as a wide-eyed Clinton vowed ‘revenge’ against prayer warriors who undid her spell to capture the nation’s hearts and minds in 2016.  Clinton realized that her witchcrafting was not powerful enough to overcome the moral majority’s desire to have Trump as president.  Double-agents within the DNC report Clinton called upon Obama and Soros and sold her soul to them in exchange for their deep knowledge of ancient pagan rites, relics and incantations.

The CDC of Texas is warning parents that Clinton’s new powers are random and unknown.  With just a flick of the tongue and wrist, she could curse someone to have to rely on disability or become a brainwashed liberal.  The power of her spells in DC are apparent as despite his blatant innocence, Kavanaugh was only nominated to the Supreme Court by a count of 50 -48.


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