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Hillary Clinton Visibly Weakened By Sunlight, More Proof She Is A Vampire

For years the media community has watched Hillary Clinton inexplicably suffer from weakness and fatigue during the daylight, her staffers brushing aside questions about her health as pure media speculation.

[adinserter block=”6″]But now insiders close to the Hillary Clinton campaign report that the Democratic Presidential nominee has a noticeable penchant for eating her ‘stakes rarer than rare’ and when she has gone longer than 24 hours without very rare meat, that she shows visible signs of aging and weakness. The evidence speaks for itself and it lends credence to what many have feared about Clinton for quite some time: like Obama, she has a dark power.

But unlike Obama, who has powered himself with ancient relics and African mysticism, Hillary Clinton is thought to be a modern-day vampire. The empirical evidence is overwhelming:

Hillary Clinton Weakened By Lack of Rare Meat and Sunlight

hillary clinton weakened by sunlight


Eyewitnesses report that Clinton became ‘exhausted and weak’ after a dark storm unexpectedly passed over Washington D.C. one day, a sudden sprout of sunlight hitting her as she spoke at a campaign. ¬†Assistants rushed her into a nearby house where it is reported, “Clinton hid in the home’s basement and demanded to be brought freshly butchered elder mutton’.



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Hillary Clinton Eating Raw Goat Liver


Hillary Clinton’s Face After Going One Week Without “Fresh Meat”
Hillary-Clinton (1)

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