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Is North Korea Wooing President Trump with Homosexuality?

Over the last few months, President Trump revealed that Kim Jong Un has sent him ‘love letters’ and after reading these letters, he and Kim are ‘in love’.

The shocking revelation from Trump is the latest evidence that the gay community has developed an ink that contains homosexual chemtrails.

Moles buried deep within gay think tanks leaked details of a new gay plot for Valentine’s Day 2019. Sources report that gays plan to send Valentine’s Day cards to their crushes, signed off with sweetened messages written with the new chemtrail tainted ink. As molecules of the scented ink soaks into the receiver’s skin and nose, they’ll also be tempted to eat chemtrail-laced Necco sweethearts candies with messages like ‘Be my Twinky’ or ‘You are the top and bottom of my heart.’

It seems this ink has already made its way to the Asian black markets, as North Korean operatives are using it to woo President Trump.

During a rally in the coal-mining regions of West Virginia, President Trump revealed details from his relationship with Kim Jong Un. Trump recalled, “I came in with a very hard position. We went back and forth. Then we fell in love. He wrote me beautiful letters after and we fell in love.”

The CDL of Texas reports that with the pending nomination of right-wing morality champion Brett Kavanaugh, gays are scared the Supreme Court will rule that gay marriage is federally illegal again and start forcing drug charges against it. So they are moving up their timeline, wildly sharing their technologies with 3rd world dictators and deploying their operatives.

If the gays can insert themselves into international politics on the highest levels, it means that everyone is at risk.

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