Is God Attacking California With Torrential Rain and Floods For Defying President Trump?

Emboldened by liberties granted to them during the Obama regime, this week Californians are experiencing ‘pure chaos’ as their state is facing divine levels of wrath not seen since the historic Bush Presidency.  Scientists and religious scholars agree that the weather patterns in California are ‘apocalyptic’ and all the flooding, blizzards, skin-tearing rains and high winds coincide with California defying President Trump.

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california flooding for defying president trumpCalifornians have been forced to declare a state of emergency only weeks after defying President Trump’s order to kick out all illegal immigrants.

Meterorologists can only express shock and how at how California is facing record-breaking snowfall, floods and landslides all at once.  This is the same type of wrath the state faced after passing gay-marriage laws and legalizing marijuana.


As usual, the city of San Francisco is the most salacious in defiant sin and has vowed to house thousands and thousands of illegal terrors.  So it is no suprise to see a mighty gust of heavenly wind whipping through the city, ruining all the martini parasol parties and late night benders that gays in the area love to throw this time of year.

For three weeks straight nothing but high winds, skin stinging rains and floods have befallen California.  Over 200,000 face nothing but ‘pure chaos’ as the run in the streets, bewildered and risking being swept up into the Pacific Ocean.  The largest reservoir in the state is flooding over and religious scholars are warning Californians that the only thing that can stop all this calamity is them going ahead and obeying the orders from President Trump to kick out all illegals, let the poors wallow in misery without heathcare, force the farmers to stop being lazy and asking for subsidy and most importantly ease up on the gay friendliness.

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    Ken M says

    That will teach those Californians that marrying plants and forced reproduction rights to all animals are gay!

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