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Proof: Donald Trump Did Not Mock Reporter With Disability

Liberal media is trying to portray President-elect Donald Trump as a tormentor of the disabled when the facts show that he actually did not mock reporter Serge Kovaleski, but instead gave an impression of a liberal reporter dodging facts and trying to haphazardly gather credence to make themselves look legitimate.

[adinserter block=”3″]The image that has now been seared into the mind of America’s electorate involves a brief moment where Trump’s innate skill at acting — something many Americans forget the former television star and the future leader of the free world can do — was put on display.  trump-did-not-mock-repoter-with-disability

Juxtaposed with the image of Kovaleski, it looks like Trump may be mocking the reporter.  Context here is key, however, and exonerates President-elect Trump from the accusations of left-wing crusaders who are still trying to find a way to get Hillary Clinton elected as 45th president of the United States, even though the majority of the electoral college disagree and represent the democratic will of the American people in voting for Donald Trump.

Just because a still image from a video exists and is presented as evidence of ‘oh he did this’, it does not mean it is true.

Take the first example below.  Donald Trump is in a power suit and staring at the busoms of Rudy Giuliani in a drag outfit.  He’s sitting next to former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani and staring with playful lust.  While Donald Trump has repeatedly shown respect for the LGBBQ community by stating he respects the Supreme Court’s decision over the years, in this skit we again see President-elect Trump’s mastery for performance art, much like the great Gipper Ronald Reagan.

In the video, Rudy Giuliani jokingly dresses like a woman and it seems a younger Donald is smitten.  They play up the humor, much like Tyler Perry would do in one of his socially-acceptable Madea movies that are especially popular in the demographic of people who tend to vote Democrat.

trump-giuiani-what-a-lady Given the image to the left with no context, it would seem Trump is being smitten by a high-end madame whose made her way to midtown Manhattan.

The fact, however, is that the video is from the year 2000 and is part of a Roast for a mayor, all in fun and just a great display of stage play.[adinserter block=”2″]

The evidence above proves that context matters and allows this investigation to look at other examples of Trump flailing his arms in a similar manner to indicate that he’s impersonating a liberal guffing up like a chicken with hands, wildly flapping and grasping at straws while still trying to keep the composure of a proper human being.  In the end it ends up looking a mess, which is the intent.

Further investigation shows Trump scolding former DNC chair Donna Brazile. Notice how his hands move about as he does so, indicating she is dodging responsibility and flailing about. Brzile is not disabled, so obviously Trump’s body movement is not meant to mock.

This is similar to what many sports fans have seen alleged against Duke’s Grayson Allen or even the NBA’s Draymond Green.  Sometimes in the past they have questionably tried to kick or trip their opponents.  But liberal media has distorted things to the point that those men cannot fall down and try to catch themselves, without being accused of bullying and roughhousing.  It simply is not true.

Sometimes you have to kick your legs out to catch yourself.  Sometimes you have to give a Golden Globe level interpretation of a person dodging facts and reality to give your audience an impression of the type of person you’re talking about.  If anything, Trump should be accused of being a great actor who caught people’s attention in the national spotlight as he did in this situation in which he’s been horribly accused of trying to mock someone when in reality he was sticking up for the average, everyday Americans.

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