ALERT: Gays Are Lacing 2017 New Years Ball and Fireworks With Homosexual Chemtrails

Gays have used their advance mastery of chemistry and physics to ensure 2016 will transition many straight-men into homosexuality come January 1st, 2017.

[adinserter block=”3″]The Christian Defense League of Texas is warning straights to beware New Year’s Eve festivities, especially in larger cities, as gays are lacing the New Years Eve balls that drop at city parties and the ensuing fireworks with a potent homosexual chemtrail and photonic element that was first seen in 2014.

Of great concern is that over 1 million people, mostly men, are expected to attend Rockin’ New Years Eve festivities in New York City.  When the ball drop at midnight, it will be confused lisped renderings of Aude Lang Syne mixed with same-sex kissing all over the nation.  Such a ‘massive moment of concurrent homosexuality is unprecedented’, reports Dr. Dan Clarke of the CDL.  [adinserter block=”5″]

The CDL of Texas is warning men to treat the fireworks like a total solar eclipse and not to look into it.  Gays have mastered a way of using light pattern signals to short-circuit the part of the brain that blocks a male from embracing his homosexuality.  When mixed with chemicals in the New Years Eve ball and fireworks, the scents and lights are making men lusty and yearning for foreign DNA from another man.



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    Deena Kronke says

    Does this work on women too or just men? I want to be sure before going to bed tonight. I don’t want to become a lesbian from all this mess.

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      Dirk Engler says

      Sorry, Deena, but the chemtrails already spead across America. Ive visited seventeen gay bars in the past 3 days and have kissed 3 men, and soon you will convert too. Pray before time runs out.

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