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Desperate Obama Caught Planning Civil War to Block Trump From Taking Power

A new image has emerged on social image that clearly shows Obama drawing out new zones of liberal darkness in America.

obama-planning-civil-warIn the map we can see where Obama has thousands if not millions of Manchurian candidates of various background ready to go on the offensive if he says the key words.

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To the north, we can see Obama is planning a DMZ/Gay arena of war.  With their advanced mastery of planning and tactics, it makes sense that gays are being sent to Detroit, Michigan, to convert the Obama-funded automobile factories into war factories that can churn out tanks and war vehicles to crush any resistance.

Gays make the perfect advanced soldiers as they have the strength and stamina of a man, but the vindictive and crafty planning abilities of a woman.  With control of American steel, it won’t be long until their legions are rolling through the Bible belt states where Obama has stockpiled all sorts of illegals over the last year.

The only state that it looks like Obama thinks can put up a fight is Texas, where it seems he is going to plan another Alamo event and unleash his Dreamer buddies to cause all sorts of chaos.

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