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What Are Those Mysterious Purple Spots on Micheal Phelps?


Strange and mysterious purple spots have appeared on Olympic Gold Medalist and Swimmer, Micheal Phelps after swimming the waters of Rio. The purple spots seem to appear on other swimmers both male a female alike. So, what are these purple spots that have been appearing? Are they symptoms of the ever spreading Zika virus?

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Actually, the telltale purple dots are signs of “cupping,” an ancient Chinese healing practice that is experiencing an Olympic moment.In cupping, practitioners of the healing technique — or sometimes the athletes themselves — place specialized cups on the skin. Then they use either heat or an air pump to create suction between the cup and the skin, pulling the skin slightly up and away from the underlying muscles.

The technique is used for healing sore muscles quickly without using dangerous and potentially illegal drugs. This particular technique is not only used on swimmers , but also gymnasts and track and field runners and sprinters. The Cupping technique is a legal use of healing and is often preferred as it has a unique calming effect.

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