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Donald Trump At Trump College: “Everything I Say I’m Going To Do, I’ll Do It!”


Earlier this morning, Donald Trump made it extremely clear of his plans at Trump College, once he weasels himself and his friends into office. He has said some very radical and outlandish things towards groups of protesters at his rallies, but most importantly to the American people in general.

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He stated at the podium at the luxurious Trump College earlier this morning,

“Everything I say I’m going to do, I’ll do it!”

He didn’t stop there! He reiterated to the American people that he would continue his funding to the Trump College, ban Muslims from entering the country, build a great, great wall to block Mexicans from entering the country from the south, and reinstate waterboarding at a torture technique for our enemies.

Donald J. Trump: "Everything I say, I'm going to do folks." Here's what the presumptive Republican nominee would do as president.

Posted by Hillary Clinton on Wednesday, May 4, 2016

His list of numerous agendas keeps growing longer and longer as the race draws on.

What was once just cast off as flashy speeches to gather crowds of people and media outlets alike, has now turned into a dark cloud of republican deceit and plot.


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