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Brexit: Donald Trump – “We Will Invade Britain and Make It The 51st American State”

At a recent presidential rally eyewitnesses confirm Donald Trump laid out a plan to invade Britain by force and make it the 51st American state.

[adinserter block=”3″]Trump was asked if he was worried about retaliation from European powers after his plan to isolate Canada with a wall was revealed.

Trump answered,

Brexit is all the proof we need that Europe is a mess. Europeans are a warlike people. Just look at their history, it’s bloody, they love fighting each other. It’s in their blood. They will be happy to see strong America take Britain down.

Donald Trump doubled down on his threat to invade Britain on Twitter, hinting that it is a good time to attack Britain because the EU is in shambles.

trump_081215gettyPolitical insiders close to the Trump campaign reveal that the presumptive GOP nominee’s plan to “make America great again” hinges on a wartime economy and a hostile government takeover. Analysts report that it is not surprising that Trump plans to invade Britain. Days ago Donald Trump spearheaded a rally that left Londoners irate and ready to break away from Britain.

The Trump campaign reports that there is already support from Londoners that would consider peacefully submitting to his presidential rule.

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