Trump Calls Canadians ‘Snow Mexicans’, Vows to Build Wall To Keep Them “In Canada Where They Belong”

Angered by Canada’s refusal to seal their border off to ‘foreign radicals’, a fiery Donald Trump today lambasted Canada and vowed to ensure that the ‘snow Mexicans’ and anyone else in Canada would not be able to invade the United States during his watch.

During a highly covered speech in Phoenix, Arizona, Trump energized his voter base and vowed to implement policies that will make America great again.

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trump-and-flagAfter the speech, eyewitnesses claim that Trump revealed he plans to build a secondary wall along the Canadian border because the ‘snow Mexicans’ in the North are just as dangerous as the ‘establishment Mexicans’ in the South.  This was a doubling-down of the presumptive Republican nominees words on Twitter.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has already been warned that Trump intends to build a wall along the Canadian border and block off basic travel to Canada, unless the Canadian government agrees to block travelers from countries on Trump’s ‘no business’ list. Trudeau responded by offering easy citizenship to any Americans ‘wishing to flee Trump’ before the wall is build, if Trump is elected president.

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    Bruce Nagy says

    Trump sure is putting his whole TWO feet in his mouth this time ! Well then, I suppose if he is THAT high on himself, then perhaps We ” Snow Mexican’s ” should turn off the Fresh Water tap to them ! – From what I know, the US wants to pipe OUR water from British Columbia to them to aid their drought situation…., hmm…, I don’t think our tainted CANADIAN water would be good enough for him anyways, besides, the Water Pipeline can’t go through WALLS, can they now !? What a self centered asswhipe

  2. Reply
    Victor banerjee says

    If Donald trump became the president of America.. America will not be like what is America!!! Trump is a bloody racist, autocratic and he wants to rule America as a monarch not a president.

  3. Reply
    Tricia Steel says

    No worries Mr. Tangerine Man… we have already started our wall… almost have all the bricks. 🙂

    Leave it to the Brits!
    Take a look at the first site, then go to the second and add some bricks!
    A campaign has started ; as seen in this video.

    After viewing the video,
    be sure to visit the “Bricking It For Canada” web site below to add a brick or two yourself.

  4. Reply
    JONH says

    This joker will bankrupt the USA. Once free trade is stopped and after the Canadian and a Mexican walls are built all travel from the US to any other country will stop All other countries now can forsee what will happen His example follows Hitler’s beginning’s
    And is a white supremacist . God help the American PEOPLE

  5. Reply
    Jake says

    He did not tweet that. It was made up by a crazy liberal. Also if you voted for hillary clinton you are very very stupid. If we could get liberals to understand hard work we could make america great again

  6. Reply
    Laura says

    I swear, every time that man opens his mouth, he sticks his foot in deeper, and deeper. ..what an ignorant jerk he is! If his head gets any bigger, he won’t be able to fit it through the door. For (once) I wish he would ( think) a little, before he opens that big mouth of his. His ego’s going to get him in trouble yet. ..mark my words. He’s going to f*** up relations between Canada/U.S. so much, no one will want to even come over the border to visit, except to see relatives, maybe. What an ass wipe he is! By the time he’s done, everyone will be hating Americans! This man is drunk on his own ego. He’s the classic example of a little power going straight to someone’s head. Canada is 100 years younger than the U.S., and we (and the U.K., of course) along w/ quite a few other have managed to find a way to get government health care for everyone, yet the U.S. (Still) can’t manage to figure it out. WTF?! Does he not even have a CLUE as to how many Americans have SERIOUSLY thought about coming to live in CANADA if he got in? What an ignoramus.

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