Kansas Department of Education to Close Public Schools


Dubbed the worst Governor in the United States, Governor Sam Brownback has given the Kansas Department of Education the ok to close down public schools across the state. In a recent interview with a local paper, Superintendent of Schools told them,

“In their decision, the Kansas Supreme Court states that without a constitutionally valid system in place, schools will be unable to raise, distribute, or spend monies. If the June 30 deadline passes, school districts anticipate further clarification from the Kansas Supreme Court and the Kansas Department of Education as to what, if any, school district services or functions will be deemed critical. In addition to ongoing maintenance, cleaning, and facilities projects that are intentionally scheduled for the summer months to limit disruption to teaching and learning, there are a number of planned activities that would likely be halted: Child Nutrition Summer Meal Program; Elementary Summer Boost program; Horizon Kids Summer Camp; summer school; driver’s education; sports camps and practices; etc. A shutdown of any period of time will result in unknown scheduling impacts for the beginning of the 2016-17 school year, as student enrollment efforts would be delayed.” -Superintendent of Schools, Mike Roth.

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The Superintendent also stated in his interview with the paper,

“In addition, if school districts are unable to make payments to employees (or any other entities), there is a risk that individuals will seek work elsewhere and be unavailable to support necessary district functions, regardless of when an adjusted first day of school is scheduled. This list could include custodians, cooks, bus drivers, paraprofessionals, teachers, etc. Working families will be forced to explore temporary child care solutions for an unknown duration, and most importantly, students will not be in classrooms and run the risk of falling behind their grade-level peers in surrounding states.” -Superintendent of Schools, Mike Roth.

It is unsure how long the state of Kansas is doomed for education losses. The Governor has once again ruined the state and the dear, close-minded, boring people who live in it. Rest in Peace Kansas education.

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    Lori says

    Madison Fairbanks. What an ignorant statement! How old are you, 16? Your immaturity is apparent in your inability to construct an interesting story without putting your own personal bias and ignorance into it. Instead of insulting a whole State full of people that you don’t know, you really should be working to improve your writing skills!

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    Todd Ubben says

    Do we know for certain that we Kansans reelected this poor excuse for a governor? Considering Kobach and the state won’t release to the public any voting/polling data from Brownback’s narrow reelection I’m not so certain myself that his second term isn’t as much a sham as he is. Regardless, this coward won’t swallow his pride, won’t admit his tax experiment failed completely, and won’t do what is right by this state and its citizens. He’ll continue to rob from state programs and budgets while small businesses continue to benefit from not paying state taxes. I wish I could say we’re not in Kansas anymore but we are and yes, this is happening here.

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    Tony Ridder says

    Madison Fairbanks
    Your depiction of Brownback and his cronies are spot on. However…
    “The Governor has once again ruined the state and the dear, close-minded, boring people who live in it. Rest in Peace Kansas education”
    …….. Really? …….. Really?
    There are many many of us in Kansas fighting for what is right. Many that have nothing to do with this ass-clown. We love our beautiful State and want him gone. We choose to stay and fight. Many of the Kansas residents I know and love are more politically involved and progressive than most of the folks I knew in DC/Maryland for 9 years.

    The last sentence in what would have been a compelling argument unfortunately shown a lack of compassion as well as eye for detail of your topic.

    A sloppy artist always paints with a wide brush.

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    Lynn Carr says

    Has anyone ever asked “How do so many private and Christian schools survive year after year as well as Home Schoolers that take no government money. No Federal funds, no state funds, only by tuition from families and donations from people that are concerned about Public Education and the involvement at a Federal level. Does any one ever ask why our Founding Fathers excluded education from the Bill of Rights and our Constitution. They knew it was to be a local issue by parents, community and churches. I do not know how Kansas plans on solving this issue but maybe it is a blessing in disguise. I have not seen anyone mention a solution, only calling your Governor names and bad mouthing other officials. If it is a real concern for everyone…form a committee, ask for various solutions, work with any concerned groups for assistance…..do not just complain….do something. Contact your state reps and ask how you can help to solve the BIG problems by starting LITTLE. Contact other States reps and ask them to assist you in any way for solutions and suggestions. Do not just sit, complain and call others names. ASK YOURSELF WHAT CAN I DO?????? I will be researching your state and the education problems. I have spent the last 48 years searching for answers to Traditional Education and the problems created when the Federal Government became involved in our local schools.

  5. Reply
    Linda says

    Really? Boring, close-minded people? As opposed to what, liberals with no boundaries or morals, what feels good do it? Your opinion is worthless.

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    Concerned Kansan says

    I didn’t vote for Brownback and neither did a lot of people in this State. Even if I did, politicians are great at getting votes and deceiving people with their empty promises and lies. Regardless, the majority of Kansans are angry enough about our State’s financial situation without someone like you insulting every Kansas citizen. Find something more positive and supportive to do with your time or shut up.

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    Lindsay says

    Is there a way to sue Sam Brownback and/or the State of Kansas? It’s not our childrens fault that the governer is a fraud.

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    Rita Koester says

    How could you be so stupid. My son is employed as an principle in an Elementary School . He attend 6 years of college and alot of student loan debt because he wanted to teach and help children. He told me once that he has the perfect job and he loves getting up every morning to be there for the children. How could one stupid governor shut down the schools and it looks that is going to happen. He would not be were he is if he had not had school and caring teachers to guide him along the way. I am a born Kansan and I must say I am ashamed of our state. I hope they impeach him. We need strong and caring leaders. Maybe he could forfeit his salary so my son can have his salary to provide for his children. If you are a backer of Brownback and his polices you need professional help.

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    Sara'Nicole says

    Who do you think you are calling us closed-minded n boring?? We are all in a up roar about the possibility of closing our schools n then you never the nerve to insult us who live here..i was raised in Chicago n lived in Vegas..i choose to call Ks home n raise my family here because of the education system was better then Vegas by far n the values are better here too.i think it’s time you visit Ks..in fact have you ever been?? We have brilliant minds here and no way is there a boring time, not even in the small towns….wake up and see the world..i think your the closed minded one.

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    Daphney Crawshaw says

    How can it come to shutting down our Schools!!! They find finance for everything else, able to change the constitution and add amendments when it suits them, but to dig deep and find financial help for the kids in the State of Kansas, its just terrible!!! Please think about the future of the State and our kids! Don’t say its alright because they can get an education on the computer, it don’t work that way! How many kids do you know that will study without supervision, and people need to work, so who will take care of the kids? Yes Brown back has screwed things up, but he had to have some help, notjyst one person can cause everything that has gone wrong!!! Set down, hash out the problems now, get the session started before its to late!!! The Judicial committees I’m sure have children and or Grandchildren this will effect, but this will trickle down and effect everyone in the State of Kansas and maybe reach further then that!!!

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    Leslie Wilhite says

    While I agree that Brownback has made this problem worse by cutting taxes. I want to bring into focus that one commenter suggested that we get money from other states to fund our schools. You evidently are not watching or listening to what is going on in other states. Oklahoma is almost as bad off as Kansas and Illinois may have to close schools as well. The problem is trickle-down economic policies, they never seem to work and we paid a small fortune to find that out. The state has called a special session of the legislature to resolve the problem, but if they don’t reinstate at least a portion of the tax cuts, they will not be able to close the budget gap. There just isn’t anything left to cut. This problem started well before Brownback was elected, but he just made it worse. Go back several terms of office for both Republicans and Democrats and you will see that schools were not funded equitably then as well. As to the writer of the article, he evidently never lived in Kansas.

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    Beverly Dultmeier says

    I resent being called closed minded and boring, keep your personal opinions to yourself, some of us are at the mercy of a corrupt government!

  13. Reply
    Jason King says

    Have you ever lived in Kansas? Have you ever spent time here in this state? Boring people? You really need to grow up and cover the news and only give facts you gathered personally. The dear close minded boring people of Kansas put food on the tables of Americans. Remember your manners!

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