Confirmed: Photo Of Fidel Castro Holding His Son, Justin Trudeau (New Canadian Prime Minister)

A new image that emerged on conservative social media is now going viral. The image very clearly shows that Fidel Castro — the confirmed communist who tried to destroy America with Russian nuclear weapons — is holding a baby in the photograph.

[adinserter block=”1″]Sources confirm that the baby in the photograph is none other than the new Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

justin trudeau father fidel castro

Investigative polling reveals that 80% of Canadians who claim to be Christian are actually closet liberals who want to destroy Jesus and America. These people have no morals and the United States has a defenseless boarder will Justin Castro Trudeua can order his Canadian hoardes to raze and terrorize Americans.

canadian soldiers prepare to torch washington 1812

Liberal Canadian soldiers gather up Christians and burn them inside a church: Photo, 1812.

Keep in mind that Canada has never formerly apologized for burning Washington, D.C., and teaming with British redcoats to burn Christian Americans alive in their churches.


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    joe says

    Dude your nut!! I am Canadian and why should we apologize we where still under british rule and America still had the civil war fresh in their minds plus don’t forget it was America who came and attacked fort York (toronto) first. And on top of that Canadian Christians may be liberals but we definitely don’t want to kill religion. Canada doesn’t care what kind of political system any one has its what you do with it only reason fidel sided with the Russians other than the fact of communism is because the states shut them out and put a trade embargo against them, I don’t get it big bad USA is afrail of a little island? Come on give your head a shake man, polo tics don’t matter it’s people who matter and the country was better of with fidel instead of all the American mafia families trying to run everything

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      Mike says

      Joe is 100% tool the words out of my mouth

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      Drake says

      Uh , you might want to check your dates there man. Canadians burned US citizens (women and children, no less) alive in churches, and the White House during the war of 1812. The US Civil War was in 1861. Good job

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