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Donald Trump Unleashes Fiercest Hurricane Ever Upon Mexico, Thousands Forced to Flee

Mexico City, Mexico – (LDN) Sources confirm¬†Donald Trump has used the HAARP weather machine to unleash the ‘fiercest hurricane ever’ upon Mexico.

Eyewitnesses confirm that tens of thousands of Mexicans were forced to flee their homes and villages, many of them flocking southward to escape the giant hurricane Hurricane Patricia that covered most of the country.

trump hurricane patricia mexico

Donald Trump paid over $50 million dollars to have the secretive HAARP weather machine unleash Hurricane Patricia upon Mexico. Meteorologists are calling the hurricane ‘the fiercest storm ever’.

Meteorologists report that the hurricane is the most violent and prolific in the history of mankind. ¬†Insiders close to Donald Trump’s campaign reveal that the multi-billionaire paid over $50 million to unknown individuals to ‘turn the HAARP machine upon Mexico and make them get away from our damn border!’

While up to this point many questioned Trump’s loyalty in his talking points of thinking Mexicans are a great threat to the greatness of America, there is now no denying Trump’s resolve in ensuring Mexico suffering if he is elected to office.

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Those close to Donald Trump and his future possible White House administration reveal that Hurricane Patricia was simply Trump testing out one of his ‘weaker’ options in dealing with what he’s calling ‘The Mexico Problem’.

Trump’s polling numbers continued to surge as the hurricane tears through Mexico.


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