Confirmed: Bernie Sanders Does Not Have a Middle Name

Never trust a man with a weird middle name.  These words of wisdom have proven true over the course of Obama’s years in office.  In 2008, Republicans warned the world that Obama’s middle name was Hussein and that in and of itself meant something horrible.

[adinserter block=”1″]Now we see that ISIS is dominating the Middle East, Russia is building up Syria and Christians are being hunted down in cold blood.  No one took the warning that Obama’s middle name naturally meant he was going to be friendly towards Iranian terrorists.

download (17)Just when it seems like things could not get worse for America, a socialist named Bernie Sanders is conspiring with the left wing media to build a communist stronghold in America.

As I have been assigned to investigate Sanders and expose his socialist ways, I’ve unearthed one crucial truth:  Bernie Sanders does not have a middle name.

Born ‘Bernard Sanders’ in Brooklyn, Sanders does not have three legal names (First, Middle, Last) like any true American.  It should come as no shock that a man who wants to ‘Bern the Constitution’ does not think twice about the fact that he does not have a middle name.

Obama Hussein Obama gave us Sharia Law.  Bernie “blank” Sanders will give us anarchy.


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    Bailey C. says

    Your a stinky poopy doodoo head. Bernie sees all. Bernie knows all.

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      R U SERIOUS says

      A middle name does not determine a person presidency, for example Abraham Lincoln did not have a middle name and he got his own monument in mount Rushmore, for uniting the nation

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    Nancy Heeringa says

    My husband doesn’t have a middle name either. He is the most humble, kind man you could meet. Maybe this is why Bernie is such a humble, kind man and not so arrogant like some that have many names and title’s.

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