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Bernie Sanders Supporters Create “#FeeltheChafe” Hashtag to Ridicule Lincoln Chafee

Communists supporting the Bernie Sanders campaign unleashed a Twitter scheme to confuse voters and make Democratic presidential candidate Lincoln Chafee the butt of an Internet meme’s joke.

lincoln chaffee

A visibly upset Lincoln Chafee responds to being the victim of Bernie Sanders’ supporters using the ‘#FeeltheChafe’ hashtag to make his dwindling presidential campaign.

In the world of the Internet, mention of Bernie Sanders’ campaign is typically tied to a #Feeltheburn hashtag that ties into Twitter. Most online conversations have pinko ‘Americans’ or ignorant Americans claiming Bernie Sanders is the new Messiah and attributing things to his record that simply are not true, just to garner more votes from the uneducated or the idiot: simply put, the online campaign is essentially what we saw with Ron Paul years ago, but only more communists exist in America due to Obama’s schemes and everyone has a smartphone, letting them communicate more readily.

Chafee seems an honest enough and stand-up guy who could take votes away from Sanders, so radical Democrats are happily trying to destroy him much like they are trying to do with Hillary Clinton.

Before the first Democratic debate in Las Vegas, Sanders supporters rallied on Twitter and created a new hashtag called ‘#FeeltheChafe’, a play on the #FeeltheBern slogan. When one chafes, their netherbits ride uncomfortably in undergarments for quite some time, disrupting the skin and causing it to be sore with prominent irritation.

[adinserter block=”3″]They are trying to say that Chafees campaign is much like getting a chafe, which obviously most people do not want.

The joke is sophomoric and immature, but shows the type of people who are trying to spearhead the Trotsky supporting Sanders into office. America must beware because in modern times One Direction is considered a better band than the Beatles, because One Direction has billions more YouTube views than the Beatles and any online poll that asks who is better, One Direction or the Beatles, will be flooded by millions of teens with iPhones who will vote all night, all day, for One Direction, even though musical talent and cultural implications may leave the more sophisticated musical mind thinking otherwise.

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