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Florida Man Brings Human Skull into Publix Grocery Store

Sebastian, Florida– (LDN) Authorities in Florida report that a Florida man entered a Publix Food and Pharmacy store.  The man entered the store with a strange item in hand:  a human skull.

Eyewitness Nick Pecoraro reports, “He was using it as a puppet.”  He went on to add, “It smelled like death.”

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WPBF reports the man carrying the skull was homeless.   Eyewitness Pecoraro took immediate action, calling 911 to alert the authorities as the homeless Florida man walked it up to the store.

Authorities confirmed that the homeless man actually came upon the decomposed body and tried to get help by bringing the skull into the store.  The homeless man complied and lead authorities to the place where he came upon the remains.   Police are investigating the cause of death. the rest of the bones.”

Investigators have not yet identified the cause of death or gender of the victim.

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