Barack Obama Had A Paid Ashley Madison Account

The White House Administration is rushing to scrub evidence that Barack Obama had a paid Ashley Madison account.

In 2014, French news media ran ablaze with burgeoning headlines that Barack Obama had an alleged affair with Beyonce.  A French photographer allegedly caught evidence on film.  The White House issued grave threats to France and purportedly obtained the evidence, destroying it before the story could sweep across the news wire and be published by American media.


President Barack Obama and French President Sarkozy acting like professionals at a World Summit.

Even before 2014, Obama’s eye for foreign women has been well documented by the conservative media community.  There is pictorial evidence of Obama and French President Sarkozy scoping out interns, then there is the scandal that took place at Nelson Mandela’s funeral.

But now evidence suggests Barack Obama paid a visit to Ashley Madison, paying $19.99 to have an affair.  The documentation is in heavy circulation in conservative social media circles:

barack obama ashley madison

[adinserter block=”3″]In a world where liberals try to push the image of Obama being an infallible family man who sticks up for the oppressed, the facts show that Obama is a typical democrat like Kennedy or Clinton:  their morals are loose so they naturally have an eye for an affair.

Details of Obama’s attempt to cheat on Michelle Obama matches past accusations that the president is flirty and virile.

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    Rick W says

    Lol the only way conservatives can make Obama look bad is by lying about him. Typical.

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