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Cuba To Welcome United States Back Into Embassy since 1961

We learned about the Cuban missile crisis in school and since then, Cuba and the U.S have had a tense relationship. The rebellious leader of Cuba, Fidel Castro, has agreed along with the rest of Cuban citizens to welcome the U.S back into their embassy since 1961.

Many of the diplomats there in Havanna, Cuba today are anxiously awaiting the rise of the American flag on Cuban soil again. John Kerry arrived earlier this morning to witness the event.


If a lot of the diplomats present thought they’d never see this day, millions of ordinary Cubans certainly never thought they would. Crowds have started to build up around the perimeter fence – some carrying Cuban flags, others the Stars and Stripes. But the flag that really matters today, the one going up the flagpole at the embassy, will be raised by the same three marines who brought it down in 1961.

It is a welcomed change between the U.S and Cuba since the 60’s and many people on both sides believe this is a change for the better!

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