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Shock Study: Cell Phones Can Cause Homosexuality

A new shocking study reveals cell phones are giving off photonic homosexual chemtrail wavelengths and radiation.   This new type of chemtrail seems to be created on purpose, with specific wavelengths of light beaming straight into a man’s brain and confusing him on where he stands on his homosexuality.

[adinserter block=”1″]This latest study shows the photonic chemtrails work very similar to other harmful radiation given off by certain phones.   Sources report that powerful gay executives in the cellular phone industry sought out researchers who could use the bisexual nature of light (photon/wave) to not only alter the delta, theta and beta waves of a man’s brain, but also cause physical growths on the pituitary gland that would cause a decrease in testosterone production.

This dual-edged attack on the brain, growing adenomas vis-a-vis radiation that will cause anti-testosterone growths, then doubling down with homosexual chemtrail photons that alter and confuse a man’s brainwaves, cell phones have become one of the best and potent causes of homosexuality in modern times.

shock study cell phones can cause homosexuality

Before picking up that cell phone to make a call, straight men should know that gays are abusing the dual nature of light to not only give men testosterone blocking brain tumors, but also using the wavelength of light to alter brainwaves into patterns more consistent with various types of homosexuality.

The CDC reports a sharp increase in agnostic homosexuality since the popularization of the iPhone, which would seem in league with the company’s agenda of creating a phone that fits the homosexual palette:  trendy, overpriced for showmanship and status quot, sleek and lightning fast apps that can keep homosexuality at the fingertips.

Straight men who use cell phones are at high risk of falling into pure homosexuality, or at least harboring increased feelings about being secretive or fondly agnostic toward the gay lifestyle.

Advanced Homosexual Warfare on the Straight Male’s Mind

The fact that cell phones can give you cancer is already well established, so it is not so shocking to find that cell phone companies are exploiting Obama’s gay marriage friendly government and utilizing cell phones to cause testosterone blocking brain tumors in men.  What is shocking is that gay phone engineers have mastered a new technology — photonic homosexual chemtrails — that alters a straight man’s way of thinking.

photonic homosexual chemtrail chartThe chart at right is making its round through social media and reveals the type of wavelengths gays are secretly programming certain phones (iPhones iOS, Android, Windows (post 8.1), Cricket Wireless/Boost Refurb (urban homosexuality).

We can see that phones that are programmed to give off a triumvirate that includes colors in the red spectrum (λ homosexuality ≈ 620–750 nm).  Men being hit with this wavelength of homosexuality will typically be laid-back in energy, yet sweaty and restless in pursuit of passionate flings with other males.  Gays with these type of brainwaves are full of life and are typically called ‘flaming’ or ‘way out there’.  These friends will brag about crazy weekend and weekday benders on their Facebook wall, yet still somehow be able to hold down their high-end corporate job during the day.  If a straight man starts showing these qualities, it is little doubt his phone is altering his brainwaves to this particular homosexual wavelength.

Another great example is the turquoise wavelength spectrum ((λ homosexuality ≈ 490 nm).  Gays with this sort of brain wave typically show high affinity and promise in the cerebral matters, particularly magicks and art.   Men whose phones are being hit with this wavelength of homosexuality may go from being concrete-minded laborers who do not show much mental acuity, to solving complex mathematical equations to listening to Chopin while critiquing the latest galleries of New York’s SoHo art scene.  The energy of their mind shows increase the lower the wavelength, for  f=Vλ.

The Christian Defense League of Texas is warning Christians to be wary of cell phones and to consider switching back to landlines until a better understanding of this new photonic homosexual chemtrail is understood.  Urbanites who have signed up for Obamacare cell phones should also be wary, as there is evidence the Obama administration is allowing those phones to contain the chipsets that allow this to happen.

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