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Was Sandra Bland Already Murdered and Dead in Her Mugshot?

Several days ago, civil rights activist Sandra Bland was pulled over in Texas for allegedly failing to use a turn signal when switching lanes.  Somehow this lead to Bland being arrested, placed in custody and turning up dead three days after the initial arrest.

10329057_10201563534329030_5026098998559910238_nThough Texas police have released an official dashcam video of the arrest, many critics maintain the video is edited and there are now other versions around, including a version of the video that shows the arresting officer pulling a Taser on Bland.

Bland’s death was ruled a suicide by the local coroner, but now close detailed analysis of Bland’s mugshot reveals that the woman may have been dead upon arrival to the police station and action groups are calling for an independent investigation, fearing that a cover-up may be taking place in this case.

Online group Anonymous purports to have evidence proving that the case of Bland is a police cover-up and that there is evidence Bland was murdered.  The veracity of these claims is unfounded to this point but apparently, there will be a day where more information is released.

The case of Sandra Bland is the latest in a string of citizen versus police cases that are increasing racial tension and trust of the police within the United States.

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