Obama Plans To Invade Texas, Enforce Gay Marriage and Turn It Into A Sodomy-Megalopolis

Operation Jade Helm is 48 hours underway and increased reports of enforced homosexuality are coming in from Texas.

Religious Freedom Fighters (RFF) stationed outside Austin first provided surveillance of Obama’s invasion at 0647 CST on July 15, 2015.  Tanks were seen firing volleys of homosexual chemtrail into civilian populations.

tank firing homosexual chemtrails

Homosexual chemtrails fill the air after a battalion of tanks fired volleys of canisters that contained the mind-altering substance into Christian suburbs surrounding Austin, Texas.

Men driving on their morning commute to work on the outskirts of town were inoculated by the wafting homosexual chemtrails from spent projectile casings.

The attack on Christian-dense suburbs in Texas marks the first time a sitting US-president has endorsed the usage of potent mind-altering agents on American citizens.

Sources on the ground report that several churches that gathered to hold prayer rallies during the Jade Helm attacks have been forced into FEMA camps, where the pastors have been forced to perform gay marriage ceremonies as their congregations were forced to watch.

This flies in the face of the Pastor Protection Act Governor Greg Abbott signed into law, declaring a state-of-emergency after hearing Christians pastors were being abducted during Jade Helm and being forced to perform gay marriage ceremonies, say ‘God is not real’ and confess that they will abide by Obama’s rule.

The Obama Administration is officially denying the claims that Christians were taken into custody on Day 2 of Jade Helm, but surveillance photos taken outside Austin, Texas, prove otherwise:

fema camps

During the early hours of July 17th, Christians were forced from a prayer rally in the streets as Obama’s invading agents of Liberal Darkness forced them into FEMA camps, where pastors are being forced to perform gay marriage ceremony as captured Christians watch.

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While President George W. Bush, Jr., has been in hiding, under the protection of True Texans during Obama’s invasion, unfortunately Obama was able to get his hands on President George HW Bush (Sr.) and somehow caused him to ‘fall and break his neck.’

This was clearly Obama sending a warning message to President Bush, Jr., and Texans that he will attack their families if they try to defy him and rally Americans against him during Operation Jade Helm.

With President George W. Bush silenced and trying to keep his family safe and Governor George Abbott unable to keep Obama from kidnapping pastors and forcing them to perform gay marriage ceremonies at FEMA camps, the war against Christianity is going swimmingly well for liberals.

OPERATION:  JADE HELM 15 – What does it mean for Christians in Texas?

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obama gay marriage jade helm







Obama wants to destroy Jesus and start a new age of Liberal Darkness.  By creating a stronghold of homosexuality in Texas — a sodomy-Megalopolis– Obama will command a sprawling region of gluttony, carnal pleasures and lawlessness that rests atop vast oil wells the populace will let him frack in exchange for permission to continue living their sinful lifestyles.

Obama knows Christians would never allow such things, thus he is using chemtrails to turn heteronormative men into gay curious, secretive or agnostic, and forcing more steadfast church pastors to perform gay marriages or face all sorts of barbaric torture and social media shaming.

Iran Nuclear Power Facilities Turned Into Homosexual Chemtrail Production Plants

iran nuclear plants making homosexual chemtrail obama deal








Obama’s reasoning for making a deal with Iran to restrict US surveillance of Iran’s nuclear power plan is part of his plans to establish One World Government after his second term of presidency ends in Washington, DC.

Obama is allowing Iran to manufacture and stockpile homosexual chemtrails at their converted nuclear power facilities.  Obama will work with various nations in his pact to demolish Christianity and heterosexuality in America with these bombs, making the nation pliable and willing to succumb to Obama’s reformed European Union that will fall under his eventual command vis-a-vis UN dealings.

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  1. Reply
    Kent says

    I think I was just raptured! Oh, no, my cheeseburger, fries and cold one finally came. Maybe it will finally happen after the next apocalypse.

  2. Reply
    james says

    I live east of texas and I’ve been feeling a little gay today the wind from there must be blowing this way

  3. Reply
    Andy says

    Satire? How do these deluded rantings count as satire? There is nothing satirical about them. …

    This just reads as ignorant and deluded ranting completely abstracted from reality.

    • Reply
      Les Lannom says

      Andy, you’re absolutely and unassailably correct. It rather reads like some serious presentation that one might encounter on “Fox News.” It’s like something lifted directly from a report delivered by Shawn Hannity or Glenn Beck. And, of course, their “reality” is pure abstraction! Thanks for you thoroughly enlightening comment.

    • Reply
      Abel Kotze, South Africa says

      What makes it satire is that it is almost believable!

  4. Reply
    Shane Murphy says

    Fools already Obama is about to be overthrown by the Clinton Cabal. The pro Gay agenda is to be overturned by a Matrirachal dominated society. Hillary has plans for all the men in Texas and all I can say is you had better be good at cooking and cleaning or else.

    • Reply
      Richard says

      Paranoid much?

    • Reply
      Matt says

      That tinfoil hat looks great on your puny head.

  5. Reply
    Dennis says


  6. Reply
    Dac says

    OMG. This is crazy. Why have the main news channels not picked up on this? There must be a major news blackout going down. People need to know. I hope nothing like this ever happens in my country. There are no gays here in England and we want to keep it that way. This is terrible. I’m going to copy to the BBC. Come on guys !

    • Reply
      Kelly says

      I live in the new England area in the USA and iam gay and proud of it and where I live they are proud of me too

      • Reply
        JimGiggins says

        Um… I think Dac’s comment was satire. Hopefully.

    • Reply
      Angus says

      Huh??? Really? “Why have the main news channels not picked up on this?” – It’s f*cking satire – that’s why!

    • Reply
      cristel says

      lol theres’ gays anywhere not only in USA I go to festivals and I’ve see gay couples carry Flags from all countries..including yours

  7. Reply
    Antal says

    The municipality of Amsterdam once declared the Dutch capital to be the Gay-capital of Europe. Maybe it’s an idea to take the evil root out instead if fighting the young shoots and bomb & vaporise Amsterdam and it’s inhabitants. And if you also do the same with The Hague, I’m sure nobody will blink an eye because the rest of the Netherlands will only profit from the fact that those two cities are gone!
    And where can I sign up for the Texan Foreign Legion?

  8. Reply
    Fred says

    *techno music starts playing as disco balls descend from the heavens*

    *~*~~* ~|~*~*~~* |~*~*~~* ~|~*~*~*
    *~*~~* (#)*~*~~* (#)*~*~~* (#)*~*~*
    *~*~~* \o/ /o/ \o\ /o\ \o/ *~~*~**~*~~*
    *~*~~* SODOMOPOLIS! *~*~~* ~~*
    *~*~~* /~\/~\~/~\~/~\/~\ *~*~~**~*~~*
    *~*~~* *~*~~*~*~*~~* *~*~~**~*~~*

  9. Reply
    patty says

    I live in tx. And I thought the President was just going to take all the guns away. Lol.

  10. Reply
    Len Zigante says

    Please tell me you people aren’t this stupid & prejudiced… please. I’m sure there has to be more intelligence here than that!

  11. Reply
    Jay Manning says

    It’s awful what this one man has done to our country.

  12. Reply
    Don Thorts says

    JADE HELM 15 has an extreme elite agenda to transfer all authority of power into their complete control.

  13. Reply
    Cedarflame says

    Jay Manning, you are right…I am not over what Ronald Reagan has done to this country yet either…I am right behind you do…feel the rainbow.

    • Reply
      nonofyourbuisness says

      you all make me laugh, when martial comes and it will I will be saying I told you so. A good majority of Gays are mean spirited, aggressive,have the highest rate STD, average age of 56, and the aids virus will continue to mutate. There are spiritual laws, you can believe in them or not,it still will affects you. Gays have a higher rate of suicide, and if nature me at for male to be with male than evolution did not get the message after Some 100000 or more years. To stick your penis up your anus when your waste comes really.mand it was not until science came in and made it so your can have babies artificially . Fair on gays brain show great decoration in the moral centers of the brain as well as other areas showing decay in thinking abilities and such you will reap what you sow

  14. Reply
    Evan says

    I actually cannot believe that people took this seriously

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