Confirmed: Obama’s New Homosexual Chemtrail Superweapon Tested on America, Causes Entire Country to Turn Gay

rainbow-1Military drone unleashes a stream of super-heated air laden with homosexual chemtrails. Drones such as this were seen flying sorties over America before a vote that turned the nation over into legalized gay marriage.

The worst of conservative fears have been realized in the United States. As planned, the new homosexual chemtrail super-cannon has unleashed unprecedented torrents of air super-heated with high doses of the chemical agent upon a nation that, prior to this weekend, was largely moral and Christian.

But with just one order, Obama strengthened the gay agenda with use of this new weapon.

[adinserter block=”3″]There are numerous news stories pouring in from every state, images of people from all walks of life– Christians, politicians,  business professionals, true gays and those agnostic celebrating — throwing massive parties and celebrating gay marriage.    Over 39 million people on Facebook have upgraded their profile picture with a facebook.com/celebratepride app, which stamps the user’s profile picture with a gay flag overlay.    Obama’s brainwashing vis-a-vis homosexual inducing chemtrails is obviously effective, as no massive protests against gay marriage have been released.  Even reliable journalists on Fox News are celebrating the Supreme Court decision.

The new superweapon proves that an entire nation can now be converted to homosexuality, which is great news for the liberal agenda to destroy Jesus and help Obama build a new kingdom of liberal darkness.

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    Bobby Bill says

    so THAT’S why Bill Cosby has stopped dating women!

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    policefamilymurders says

    To the writer of this article,
    I loved it! It shows how ignorant, uneducated, and brainwashed god thumper you really are. Its time for you to come out the closet and admit that you grab ankles for hairy homos and that “YOU JUUST LOVE IT!!
    On a serous note, not that buba don’t take you serous, but how dare your backwoods, redneck, Ass make some ignorant joke about geoengineering (chem trails so u can keep up) the biggest threat to our existence next to nuclear war and mix it w/ your uneducated homophobic bullshit, especially since clearly the only one your “fagget Obama” chem trail effected is you.
    Now show us how brainwashed and topical you are, call me a fag or fag lover (my girl will get a kick out a that)./ or Communist/liberal/democrat/satanist/socialist or any other “ism” you like. I am none of them. Just s citizen of the world calling it like I see it!

    • Reply
      Bunga Bunga says

      So it didn’t work on you. Maybe you could, like, go outside and take a few deep breaths or something. You know you want to.

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