Obama Unleashes Abortion Drones Over the Skies of Poland

obama abortion droneObama has unveiled his latest war plans against Poland for their refusal to allow gay marriage.

Only several months ago, Obama warned there would be ‘dire’ consequences for Eurozone nations that defied his liberal agenda, namely gay marriage. While a fearful Ireland immediately caved to Obama’s threats, Poland stood strong in defiance, determined to be bully by yet another socialist dictator.

In return, Obama is making an example of Poland as the latest news reveals that Obama has ordered “Abortion Drones’ to start flying over the storied nation.

Though the channels of communication remain unclear, officials reveal that Obama has found a way to let the drones ‘queue in’ on pregnancy young women in Poland. The drones, which can fly in complete silence, are armed with several utero-chemical payloads: homosexual chemtrails, Plan B Dart Gun Mechanism and Abortion Pills.

Unofficially called the ‘Triumvirate of Misery’, in one day the drones have already reduced Poland’s birthrate by 23%. The Obama abortion drone can purportedly track down a pregnant woman (perhaps it keys in on her celebrating her pregnancy test on Facebook or some other app) and then fire microscopic dart implants, rendering the women instantly sterile for the rest of her life. The chemtrails work as expected, altering the male mind to seek foreign testosterone.

The pills are the most dubious, as it seems people are actually requesting them to prevent birth in the first place.

Among the 18-35 year-old cohort, these machines can drastically cut birht rates to the point that Poland could soon be left without children. This will make the elder politicians in the nation depressed and desperate to have the joy of grandchildren, which will likely force them to vote to allow gay marriage so Obama will call off his drones.

Such a heinous attack on free choice is truly sad but it should be no shock that the Obama Administration would unleash such a plan upon a civilization. It is Poland today, but what about when Obama starts to attack US states that do not allow gay marriage. What then?

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    felix says

    wow this has to be one of the most ignorant minded bunch of BS on the net , how any of this insane dribble could possibly be believable is a joke hahaha

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