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Why Is Obama Recruiting Cops to Become MK Ultras To Start Civil War II?

[adinserter block=”1″]Over the past few months, Americans have been confronted with a sort of police-on-citizen violence not seen since the volatile 1960s Civil Rights era. Summer has not yet even started, yet the climate is already long and hot. Citizens are taking to the street, protesting and rioting, while the country is feeling divided socioeconomically and racially.

This is all part of Obama’s plans to tear America apart and start a new cultural war, one that will lead to a Civil War that divides America and allows him to construct a new liberal empire in the wake of our destruction.

obama plans to start civil war iiWhy Are There So Many Videos Of Police Attacking Black People?

To fully understand why were are seeing more and more ‘proof’ that police are attacking black people, we must first go back in time to the 1960s.

During the 1960s, there was another liberal charlatan with a socialist agenda in the White House.  Liberals will tell you he was the most moral president of all time, but true Americans recognize him for what he was:  a hippie liberal elite who liked to cheat on his wife,  also known as, John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

Much like Obama, Kennedy sought to cause a dangerous social revolution experiment in America.  Kennedy had no problem with polyamory, gay marriage and squandering the nation’s wealth away on social welfare and egocentric novelties such as space travel.

Also like Obama, Kennedy understood the power of social media.  When you think of the Civil Rights era, you think of all these photographs showing normal, everyday cops committing outlandish acts of violence against peaceful American citizens.  The more images and videos such and those surface, the more angry and entitled liberals will feel.

Kennedy knew he’d need to make police look violent to get the citizens angry and up in arms.  So he helped develop the MK Ultra program, a mind-control experience that let him control any citizen at a whim.  Kennedy, like Obama, decided to groom police officers to reminscent of NAZI SS, something that would surely strike a chord in post World War II Americans.

During the 1960s, the radicals predictably organized and rioted in the streets, forcing cops to have to arrest them to keep the peace.  Kennedy’s MK Ultra cops were relentless in their pursuit of criminals, especially if they were black.  Everything worked will for Kennedy.  Walter Kronkite and his liberal media played hand-in-hand with Kennedy, using dramatic footage to make it seem like blacks and others were being unfairly targeted by the law and mind-controlled governors.

The truth of the matter is that if the people of the 60s would have just followed the letter of the law, they wouldn’t have been arrested, water hosed and thrown in jail.  But when they were caught breaking the law, the Kennedy Administration knew some MK Ultra police would respond to the call, going ‘over the line’ as they subdued the miscreants.  Sound familiar?

Liberals rallied and had others join their cause of being the ‘target of police violence’.  Kennedy wanted a Civil War in America, so in the ruins of democracy he could work with his friends in Russia to annex America’s free lands under the communist boots of Khrushchev.   Much like Obama’s ‘victories’ in Libya and Egypt, the Cuban Missile Crisis was a sham.  Obama is working with Iran/ISIS, Kennedy was working with Russia.  All of them are working against America.

Police As MK Ultras To Star Civil War II

Fortunately during the 1960s, a Republican Christian pastor named Martin Luther King Jr. came to his senses and called the liberals to peace.  Kennedy’s MK Ultra program backfired on him and though America still became more communist from his social policies, it did not fall into a Civil War.

The image you see is well known in the conservative news and email community.  obama-civil-war-ii1 The image was taken by a concerned intern in the Obama administration. Obama claims he was ‘only joking’ in this image, but we see where his mind dwells. Look how he has ‘jokingly’ divided America all up.

Any sane president would never even think of drawing such a thing to start a meeting, but Obama is no insane president. His middle name is Hussein and he refuses to fight ISIS. Obama is letting a dangerous enemy like China terraform man-made islands in the South China sea, stockpiling the islands’ bays with nuclear submarines and Tesla Coil towers.

Obama is actively seeking to divide America from within, so it will fall apart.  A house divided cannot stand and Obama wants America to fall, so he can stand upon the ruins of democracy and reign in a new kingdom of Liberal Darkness.

When you see videos of a cop just unreasonably attacking a citizen, know that cop is not in his right mind.  The excessive force being used is likely machinations of Obama at work, forcing police to act violent on camera so that citizens will feel unrest and riot, which will tear America apart.

Let’s not play into Obama’s end game for America.  Support the police.  When we see videos like McKinney, Texas, we must stand strong with the police in the community, for they are the targets of the Obama Administration and his liberal agenda to destroy the fabrics of racial unity of America that Republicans like Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King Jr. gave their lives to sew together.

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