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Obama’s Homosexual Chemtrails Cause Shrinkage for Chris Christie

chrischristicameltoemooseknucke2015-500x567Unfortunately, it seems Obama’s chemtrail warfare against New Jersey has taken a toll on Republican warrior Chris Christie.

Christie, usually an imposing and svelte figure of stability — reminiscent of President William Taft — geared up for a baseball game and is now the ridicule of liberal media.

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While it is immediately feasible that Obama would attack Texas with his chemtrail weaponry to convert the populace into a state of liberal being, to think that he would target Christie and cause him to experience testosterone depletion is just vicious and vindictive.

Just look at Christie:  his hands are on his hips and he looks sassy.  He is putting on a estrogen-inspired belly (commonly called a ‘FUPA’ in the youth’s vernacular) and if you look at the elder, confident statesmen gays such as Sir Elton John or John Travolta, you’ll notice this body type is common.

But Christie was once a proud lion of same-sex marriage advocacy, his hunger for morality knowing no bounds.  But now he is squeezing into tight white yoga pants and is visibly experiencing shrinkage, and he seems to be proud of it.  If his mind were in the right place, Christie would have quickly used his authority to stop this picture from making its rounds and being used as fodder to hurt his votability among the younger cohorts of this nation.

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