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Obama Unleashes Deadly Lenticular UFO Cloud Formations Over the Skies of Texas

Meteorologists are in awe today after witnessing the power of Obama.  Over the past few days, a new breed of ominous clouds that are now being called lenticular clouds appeared over the skies of Texas.


Texas – The Obama Administration is unleashing meteorological warfare upon Texas for standing in defiance against his plan invasion to overtake the state, ship President Bush off to liberal gulags in The Hague were he would be forced to renounce God and be convicted of war crimes for fighting terrorists, and then usher in liberal darkness as he uses Texas’ oil wealth to spread his dark tyranny upon all free Christian nations of the world.

Locals in Texas could only flee in horror and panic as these UFO-shaped clouds appeared over their towns, presenting themselves with a mysterious sound of trumpets and rumbling thunder.

Such clouds formations have been sporadically reported throughout the nation, but never did anyone suspect those incidences were Obama testing out his new weather superweapon that he is unleashing upon Texas.

The clouds are blatantly of origin beyond the technology of mankind.  There are more factual rumors than enough to suggest that Obama is conspiring with forces beyond that of mankind, be they dark spiritual forces or aliens, they are not part of America’s Christian heritage which rebukes alliances with any of that.

Sources within the Obama administration know this ‘president’ is going too far.  He is using America’s most sophisticated weaponry upon its own citizens.

Within the email inboxes of everyone on the Conservative network, the picture below circulated.  Our sources in the Obama administration show the undated photo that shows Obama standing with his scientists in some sort of doomsday room of science, much the type that Neil DeGrasse Tyson boasted about in his film series ‘Cosmos’.

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Why is Obama putting these death clouds over Texas? Well, we see what is happening in Texas. Instead of using his weather machine to cause a climate shift of barometric pressure over the Middle East or China, he instead is using this machine right on the Christian state of Texas.

Obama’s power is becoming that of the pharaohs god-king his voting base thinks that he is. Texas is the crown jewel of his eye and unless Congress takes steps to impeach him, no telling what sort of horrors he’ll continue to unleash upon Texas before July 15.


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