Should President Trump Force a Gay Registry So Gays Cannot Trick Straight Men Into Dating/Marriage?

Recent studies show that more and more straight men are using social dating sites to try to find their soulmate in life.  The Christian Defense League of Texas warns that straights must take great care now, however, as “gays are using their technological prowess to create elaborate online traps” and the person he is meeting online, sharing juicy details about his life, heart and soul, may be dancing the fandango and grooming him for a homosexual encounter.

[adinserter block=”5″]What happens is that gays hide behind discreet profiles, where they list they want to do things any normal woman would do:  meet a nice guy, go vacationing, stay fit by playing sports, maybe someday have kids and something cute like ‘puppies!’.  Straight-men will start to message these profiles and build a relationship over the course of weeks or months, before finally building up the courage to enter the online dating scene and meet in real life.

[adinserter block=”3″]When they meet for the first date, the big reveal will be that he’s fallen in love, online, with a man?  How confusing would that be, to find out you fell in love with someone from the same gender, just based on their conversation, humor and details of their life over time.

This newest ruse from the gay community is absolutely dangerous as it gives the heterosexual body no time to naturally say ‘no!’ to the idea of dating a man before bonding.  With a gay registry, gays would simply just have to list themselves and identify everywhere they go that they are gay just so there is no potential confusion and a healthy man won’t then become confused or agnostic about his homosexuality.


Hopefully President Trump will pass a quick, tidy executive order on the issue and it will just be a great help to everyone so there’s no confusion in this dating loophole.

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