Weakened By The Prayers Of Trump Supporters, Obama Finally Finally Shows True Age

For years it seemed that no matter how much stress a Republican-controlled Congress tried to inflict on Obama as they hampered his every move to destroy Jesus and reign in a new age of Liberal Darkness, Obama would emerge the next day looking younger and even more rejuvenated.

[adinserter block=”2″]Now that Donald Trump is President-elect by virtue of America’s electorate, however, this is all changed and new CC footage purportedly taken from within the White House shows a weak Obama struggling to keep his composure.


Insiders report that since the rise of Donald Trump, faithful supporters have gathered in DC to celebrate America and use blowhorns to yell prayers toward the White House. Staffers speaking under the condition of anonymity report Obama becomes ‘visibly weakened’ with each prayer that weakens his ears, oft doubling over in pain and crying out in a deep, garbled tongue that is said to resemble ancient Thagichu.
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Sources report that Obama’s lookalike, first seen in 2014, may be keeping up appearances while the Obama uses ancient rituals to regain his strength and try to reign in chaos such as preventing Arctic drilling in his waning days in office.

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    Jamie G says

    Look into his eyes and you can see the darknes.

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