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Hillary Clinton Destroys Donald Trump’s Star At Hollywood Walk of Fame

Fulfilling ancient Sumerian prophecy, Hillary Clinton has ‘destroyed a star named after her greatest foe’ on the eve of the 2016 election of destiny.

This morning the residents of Hollywood, California, thought a major earthquake had taken place, but were shocked to learn that the United States Geological surveyors did not anticipate an earthquake, but only found highly unusual seismic activity.

Sources close to the Clinton campaign tweeted this photo early this morning:

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The photograph shows that Donald Trump’s Hollywood star has been pommeled into a fine dust, something that would take a series of maniacal strikes or an unprecedented burst of energy to accomplish in such a fashion.

[adinserter block=”5″]Hillary Clinton’s fulfillment of various prophesies throughout the ages has been well verified in the media community and established by works of fact archived in the National Library of Congress.

‘The Lone Star Prophecy’ was brushed off by many skeptics, as it seemed preposterous that Clinton could literally fly a weapon or ship into space to destroy a celestial body. ┬áNow we see that Hillary Clinton will find any way to cheat the system, even prophesy, as she literally destroyed a star not in the traditional sense, but instead one that could be found on a street in Hollywood.


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