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Epipen CEO Gives Self $16 Million Dollar Raise After Raising Price of Medicine By 400%

As many in the world now know, the Epipen CEO decided to raise the price of the life-saving medication by 400%.  One customer reports that the medicine, typically costing $100 for an annual supply, suddenly skyrocketed to $600, leaving them with a staggering $500 to pay for each Epipen order.

[adinserter block=”6″]Ironically, sources confirm Epipen’s executive made $4 milliion a year before jacking the price up fourfold, which coincidentally matches the new salary of $16 million.  This means if the sources are correct, the Epipen price is directly related to the increased salary.  This means millions of people who may not be able to afford the medication and thus susceptible to death from allergic reactions were literally sold out in the name of increased salary.

Naturally, citizens are livid.  Epipen was manufactured through a taxpayer funded effort and now is in the hands of a private pharmaceutical company, which leaves it open to this heinous price gouging.

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