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Miami Police Shoot Black Man For “Standing on a Girl’s Psyduck” in Pokemon Go

Miami law enforcement received a frantic call from a girl’s mother, claiming that an African-American man was ‘standing on my girl’s psyduck and refusing to get off’.

[adinserter block=”3″]Officers responding to the scene downtown report a black man was angrily yelling at the girl and her mother. Eyewitnesses confirm the man yelled, “I am not standing on your damned duck. I don’t see any damned ducks here downtown.”

images (4)Officers report that multiple bystanders had their phones out and pointed at the man. Each phone’s screen clearly showed the man was standing on a duck.

“The suspect was combative, refusing to move off of the duck that we were able to clearly see being recorded on multiple phone devices. Instead of approaching this hostile man, we shot him in the leg to disable him and cause him to move away from harming the animal.”

[adinserter block=”6″]People who were on the scene claim the man became irate after being shot, cussing at the police and telling them he did not see any ducks and had every right to stand on the street corner.

Police report that after the man was handcuffed and taken to a local hospital for custodial treatment, the girl and her mother were able to ‘catch’ the duck, which they named ‘Psyduck’. Rights activists are saying the shooting was unjustified and there is no physical evidence the man was standing on a duck.

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