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BREXIT: Obama and Queen Elizabeth II Conspired to Destroy the EU and Cast Britain into an Age of Illuminati Liberal Darkness

Sources confirm the word Brexit is actually and anagram that means Barack Readies Europe for Xenogenic Illuminati Time.

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downloadMoles within the Obama Administration revealed over a dozen secret meetings between the Obama family, the Royal family, and other powerful figures over the past year. The secretive meetings were all to plan the downfall of modern Europe (the EU) and create a new culture of liberal depravity where welfare receiving citizens accept an Obama-styled government.

[adinserter block=”6″]Documents spreading through social media report Obama and Queen Elizabeth II have been grooming the public to accept Prince William and Princess Kate as new-age monarchs to rule over them. William and Kate will only answer to Hillary Clinton if she wins office.

Donald Trump has allegedly made plans to invade Britain if necessary to prevent the downfall of democracy.

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