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Pokemon Go Release Date Confirmed for July 2016


Everyone who knows and loves Pokemon was watching the E3 2016 broadcast this morning in Las Angeles. There the representatives from the Pokemon Company, Niantic, and Nintendo as well as the Nintendo Tree house were all there to share their Beta field testing experiences and questions.

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Miyamoto from Nintendo shocked the entire wold of Pokemon trainers and enthusiasts by sharing the release date for the Pokemon Go app and Pokemon Plus gear. Here’s what we learned:

It should be launching July 2016. Pokemon Go Plus will be $34.99. Pokemon Go Plus connects to your phone via Bluetooth and will flash different colors to let you know if there’s a Pokemon nearby, if you have it or not, and it let’s you catch them without taking out your smart phone. Only Kanto region Pokemon will be at launch, but there are plans to add the other 700 plus Pokemon later in the game. Trading and legendary Pokemon will be added later. It will connect with Pokemon Sun and Moon once the games are released this holiday season.

Once again, the game and gear, Pokemon Plus, will be launching for iPhone and Android phones this July and will cost $34.99.


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