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Kansas Governor Sam Brownback Renews Public Schools But With A Twist


The last time Governor Brownback was ever mentioned, he shut down and closed many public schools in Kansas, leaving the already uneducated farm folk and ranchers no where to send the kids off to learn. This time after President Barack Obama had a talk with him about how much chaos and devastation he has caused the poor people of Kansas, Governor Brownback was given a loan of 2 billion dollars to reopen the schools.

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Obama came down on Governor Brownback stating,

“You are a disgrace to the American education system…if you had any decency to your name, you would resign you position.”

The governor accepted the loan from President Obama and the money has been divided up to go to each school district. The humble Kansan people have rejoiced to hearing this news, however, Governor Brownback has also stated that having school all day and without summer vacations could help the kids get off of the street.

The poor people of Kansas have a hard enough time living and keeping their children during a normal school year. How are they going to fund all day school all year round?


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