If You Don’t Like What Donald Trump Has To Say, You Can Just Get Out of My Country

Despite having a clear command of the GOP nomination, Donald Trump is being heavily disrespected by left-wing lunatics who would put the safety of our children at risk so they can push their liberal agenda.

Donald Trump is a man who speaks his mind.  He is refreshing to many because he says what good, concerned American people are thinking deep-down.  He asks the tough questions.

Trump’s risk-analysis is perhaps greatest served when directed to America’s foreign policy.

‘Are these people harmful to America?’ It is a simple yes or no.  If the answer is yes, Trump will let us know and put in a plan of action to mitigate the risk.

There are ‘American’ people who want our nation to accept risky foreigners during a time of crisis.  They will cry and say that America must take a risk and accept people who may or may not wish to bring harm upon this nation.  There is just no way to know.

Liberals claim that the federal government cannot possibly screen gun owners with good enough efficiency, yet they want to trust the federal government to properly screen people who may or may not be terrorists?  The irony is ridiculous and shows that liberals only care about one thing — their twisted agenda and irrational desire to be progressive — not objective — on every issue.

America was founded by objective men of faith.  Men like Donald Trump.  If America does not trust Donald Trump and others of us who think like him, we are inviting in a very dark future indeed and will not be able to keep a safe America where we can all prosper in peace.

Liberals are trying to destroy the second amendment, the very law that gives Americans reasonable means to defend themselves and makes foreign armies think twice before invading. But even more importantly, the first amendment gives Americans freedom of speech. The very people who are trying to take away your rights to bear arms are the very people who are trying to silence Donald Trump because his policies do not fit a radical left-wing agenda.

So if you want to open America up to dangerous elements, please just get out of the country and maybe move to Canada.  The safety of Americans who like things like they are — the way our founding fathers set things up — takes priority.

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    ASHTON says

    What an ignorant douche stance, the US is not your country nor has it ever been. Why don’t you get out of the Native Americans country and go back to Europe, not that they deserve self righteous idiots like you Larry. Stay out of Canada we don’t need your kind.

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    Melvin says

    Too many self righteous idiots wearing the make America racist again. Well it’s never stop being racist. I have putty and nothing but ? for the gullible ones who believe that shut trump is sailing.. Peace

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