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US Airstrikes Kill 9 Doctors Without Borders Staffers at Children’s Hospital in Kunduz Afghanistan

Jalalabad, Afghanistan – Officials now confirm that 9 people were killed and dozens more, perhaps more than thirty, are missing after a US airstrike accidentially hit a charity hospital in Kunduz, Afghanistan.

Colonel Brian Tribus confirmed that at approximately 2:15 am local Afghani time, a US airstrike ‘may have caused collateral damage to a nearby health facility.’ ┬áThe incident is being investigated.

Kunduz is home to over 300,00 people.  Reports indicate that militanst associated with the Taliban took control of the city last week and US airstrikes were meant to target strongholds to drive militants back out of the city.

Dalila Mahdawi, a spokeswoman for the charity hospital, indicated that the US knew the precise location of the hospital but airstrikes continued for 30 minutes straight.

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