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Gay Hairstylists Trick Donald Trump Into Top Knot, Texas Pastors Unleash Prayer to Counter Possible Homosexuality

Donald Trump had a dangerously close encounter with homosexuality while in Texas.   Still recovering from Obama’s 2015 Jade Helm invasion, many Texas towns have strongholds of homosexuality where converted men are still combating an internal battle with their homosexuality.

[adinserter block=”3″]One former barbershop outside Austin, Texas, called the ‘Maverick’s Mane’ was rated the top ten placed in America for a man to get a good haircut and a shave.  After Obama’s Jade Helm chemical attacks, the owner of Maverick’s Mane rebranded the barbershop into a ‘day-spa and grooming salon’.  The conversion of the barbershop into a front for homosexual activity did not reach Donald Trump’s camp.

Trump was invited to get a haircut and accepted the publicity op, his interns reportedly seeing old Yelp reviews praising the Maverick’s Mane for being a place where the likes of Johnny Cash, Ronald Reagan, Chuck Norris, Arnold Schwarzenegger and others all received haircuts.

A ‘stylist’ who Trump’s campaign refused to name took the Republican presidential candidate to a back room, where he said the salon would do a hair exfoliating wash, trim and style.  Unfortunately, the staff of the Maverick’s Mane had far more sinister machinations.

12074752_1216121388403366_8952607982732204579_nTrump confided to his staff that the ‘room was dark and their hands moved quickly over my head.  They sprayed me with some sort of spray that made me dizzy and primal, then when the blur was over I came out and had this weird hairstyle on my head.’

Eyewitnesses claim Trump remained a good sport about the entire ordeal and took pity on the hairstylists.  He ‘knew they were only doing this because Obama mind controlled him with his homosexual chemtrails’.

Since it was unclear if the hairstylists sprayed Trump with some finishing spray or perhaps an actual homosexual chemtrail concoction, the most powerful Texan prayer warriors were called to assemble and pray for Trump to ‘pray the gay away’ to be safe and certain.

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