How Will Batman’s Homosexuality Factor Into Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice

Homosexuality has always been a strong theme for the Batman, a man who laces up in dark black Corinthian leathers, taut muscles exploding with power beneath his sweat-filled costume as he takes to the late night streets of Gotham’s moonlight to only have his body ravaged and torn by the whips and whims of burly villains, all sweaty and musky as their grueling battles leave their thighs quivering in exhaustion upon collapse.

[adinserter block=”3″]It is not until Batman returns to his Batcave where he and Robin receive a warm, soothing sponge bath from the silver fox Alfred that he allows his exhaustion to slip into the tranquility of spent masochism.

Ben Afleck has long been the apple of the eye among the gay media circles and so it is no surprise that DC has picked the actor to pick up the mantle of the Batman for a trilogy and to battle Superman, alien avatar meant to represent a modern day savior, aka, a Jesus Christ figure for the new ages.

While it is easy to write-off a comic book movie as mindless entertainment, Christian America should beware that Batman v. Superman:  Dawn of Justice is not just a comic book superhero movie.  Liberals are using Batman to represent homosexuality, the underdog, against the ‘big bad’ conservative Christianity.

The movie is more aptly titled Homosexual v Christian:  Dawn of Justice.  Who will emerge the victor?

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Through the mists of Gotham emerges the Batman, the quintessential representative of homosexuality: mysterious and broody, impossibly sculpted muscles barely contained by Corinthian leathers, expensive foreign cars earned by high-paying corporate jobs. Afleck’s Batman will lure countless heterosexual men into the lucrative homosexual lifestyle, yearning to have a piece of all the riches and pleasures it has to offer for themselves.

Batman is the quintessential homosexual:  fabulously rich and wealthy, jetting off to exotic vacation destinations where his hard earned muscles and perfect tan leave women drooling and gay men salivating.  Batman could have any woman he wants, but it is a recurrent and well-known theme that Bruce Wayne uses women as a shield for his true desires of homosexuality, which he relishes in as The Batman.

DC Comics plan to use Batman to lure more men to the homosexual lifestyle:  fast and fancy cars, lavish parties and immense wealth, all spent on frivolous pleasures and delicacies of life.

Heterosexual men of America are feeling downtrodden right now.  The economy is tough.  They have fought in thankless wars in the Middle East and are returning home broken, to depressed and cheating wives, crying kids and increased child support.

They look up and see all these gay men with high-powered Ivy League degrees, posting pictures of their latest sports cars or Malibu beach-side condo parties to Facebook, then think is it too late for me?  Maybe there is more than meets the eye to this kid-free and n0-strings-attached homosexual lifestyle.

In the Batman v Superman movie, originally conceptualized by the morally suspicious Frank Miller, heterosexual men will learn how to pursue the model, strong Christian (Superman) and overcome his Christian strength via use of drug (kryptonite), stealing his woman (Lois Lane falling for Bruce Wayne), distancing him from his family (scene where Clark and Martha Kent argue over Batman) and eventually, beating him down physically until he succumbs to your whims and he calls you ‘daddy’.

This movie is nothing but a gay fetish play that doubles-down in that it makes homosexuality not only lucrative but overpowering, a movie created at a time where heterosexual morale is at all time lows and wavering.

Afleck’s Batman trilogy and Dawn of Justice appearances will surely cause at least a 2 or 3% increase in confirmed cases of homosexuality in America and definitely will sharply increase the numbers of people who are secretive or agnostic about their homosexuality.


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