A Raccoon Rides The Back Of An Alligator



[adinserter block=”1″]In Florida, alligators and raccoon have apparently made a pact.  The image above shows a raccoon riding the back of a large swamp alligator.

According to the family that took the photo, the raccoon became startled and ran onto the back of the alligator for safety.  The alligator kept its head above water and started to swim away with the raccoon aboard, apparently trying to take it away from danger.

One would expect this scenario to turn out much differently, but alas, the alligator did not try to perform its signature death-roll and have a midday snack.  Instead, the evidence shows a clear relationship between the raccoon and alligator.

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    Abner says

    Things like this DID NOT happen back when gay marruage was not legal in this once Christian country. Now look even an alligator refuses to do what is natural and eat his meal.

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